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The Busy Doctor

A reported 80% of doctors are either at capacity or over extended. More than half of physicians say they wish they worked fewer hours per week.  Your days consist of seeing patients, multi-tasking, charting, checking emails on your phone, etc.  Taking a break and actually leaving the office for lunch is out of the question. [...]

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6 Ways to Improve Customer Service at Your Medical Practice

Spring is a great time to think about a little spring cleaning to refresh your office and perhaps the processes in your office as well. Customer service matters to your patients and referral sources. In fact, customer service may be the reason a medical provider STOPS referring to you or the reason a patient decides [...]

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5 Social Media Marketing Tips for Medical Practices and Facilities

As a physician or medical facility, we know that an established and robust referral network is essential to growth, especially if you are a specialist or specialty facility. However, we also know that digital marketing is also essential and can greatly enhance a referral marketing campaign. According to a recent study highlighted by the American [...]

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How Taking Time to Teach Can Earn You a Gold Medal (and lots of new patients!)

Olympic champions don't do it alone. Behind every top athlete is a coach. Primary care physicians are trained in basic diagnosis and treatment of common illnesses and medical conditions. More complex and time-intensive diagnostic procedures are usually referred to specialists. As a specialist, you can provide substantial value to PCPs by educating them and keeping [...]

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7 Valentine’s Day Marketing Tips for Your Medical Practice

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to remind your patients, employees and referral sources how important they are to you!  Take advantage of the holiday with these simple tips can help your employees, patients and referrers alike fall in love with your practice! 1. Show your employees some love. Not everyone has someone to celebrate [...]

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A Roadmap to a Robust Referral Network for a Healthcare Organization  

Relationship building is indispensable in today’s competitive healthcare industry and a vital key to the success of medical practices and facilitates. While relationship marketing via a Physician Liaison has been a practice of hospitals for eons, referral building for medical practices and smaller healthcare organizations is not as headline-grabbing as other marketing imperatives, yet it [...]

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4 Marketing Lessons For Your Medical Practice or Facility That Can Be Learned From the Super Bowl

This Sunday, millions of people will be watching the Super Bowl, the biggest sporting spectacle in the United States and one of the largest in the world. Many are only watching for the commercials and there is no doubt about the potential impact that a Super Bowl ad can have.  Lasting only an average of [...]

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8 Tips to Keeping Referring Medical Providers Happy

1.  Get in front of them: It is essential that referring providers know that you value their referrals. They have many options as to where to send their patients when a specialist is needed. Make the effort to have a liaison from your practice visit their office occasionally. Speak with the provider, their nurse or [...]

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