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7 Reasons Why Referral Relationships Are Essential

No medical practice or facility can succeed without cultivating a network of healthy referral relationships. Medical expertise, a great building/office space, state of the art equipment and technology and a good location are all great, but the secret to a thriving practice is good relationships with potential referral sources. Practices with great doctors have failed [...]

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A New Year: A Fresh Start for Your Marketing Strategy

Welcome 2018! A brand new year, ripe with possibilities and promise, has finally begun.  The arrival of 2018 brings with it a fresh start, a new opportunity to focus on goals for your practice. Have you taken the time to take a fresh look at your practice and the way you market it? The new [...]

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3 Steps That Will Help You Successfully Market Your Medical Practice in 2018

Effective marketing is power and is crucial for growth of a medical practice. Top medical practices know the value of having a marketing plan that includes relationship marketing for referrals to cultivate and maintain physician referral networks. Many medical practices start out with a very limited marketing budget. However, it is essential to realize that [...]

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How Lunch and Learns at Referring Offices Can Help Build Your Referral Network

In many industries, relationships are established and deals are finalized over lunch meetings. These days, more meetings take place virtually, however the importance of building relationships is still essential and face-to-face interaction is always imperative for cultivating business networks.  Lunch and learns at offices that may be referral sources for your practice can be very [...]

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The ROI of Relationship Marketing in the Medical Industry

Competition in the medical practice and facility industries is more intense and challenging than ever before, evolving on a daily basis. Leveraging current referral relationships and cultivating new ones through the utilization of a Physician Liaison could make the difference in whether your practice or facility succeeds or fails. THE BIG QUESTION – How do [...]

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Tis the Season for Giving: Why Philanthropy Should Be Important to Medical Practices

“One person can make a difference, and every person should try.” ~ John F. Kennedy ‘Tis better to give than receive, as the old adage goes. And at no time of year do we feel this more than during the holidays! The spirit of giving is everywhere. As a medical practice or facility, it is [...]

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How Building Staff-to-Staff Relationships in Physician Offices Adds New Patients to Your Practice

I spent a lot of years in physicians’ offices developing relationships with the physicians and staff in a pharmaceutical company sales role. I have spent the years since in sales and marketing roles in the human resources technology and consulting and medical practice marketing industries. No matter what I was marketing, be it a product, [...]

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5 Common Referral Marketing Mistakes

Physician referrals. They are essential if you want to grow your practice. Most specialty healthcare providers, surgery centers and hospitals would agree that referral marketing is the most important marketing strategy. With strong referral networks, providers can rely on a continuous stream of new patients for their practice. The reality is, most physicians don’t want [...]

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