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Fill Your Schedule: 4 Things You Must Do Get More Referrals

Every physician wants a schedule full of patients they can help. Many physicians do not understand the importance of marketing in today’s new healthcare economy. Generating business MUST be on the minds of every physician, otherwise they may find themselves out of a job. When you’re a specialist, marketing to potential patients via Internet and [...]

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Leverage the Power of a “Thank You”

Say thank you. It sounds so simple, but demonstrating your appreciation for referrals from other medical providers goes a long way. It has been said that if you demonstrate your appreciation the right way on the first physician referral, the referring doctor is 5x more like to refer to you again. Thank you for the [...]

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Lessons Learned from the Traditions of Back to School

It’s still feels like summer. The pools are still open. The more relaxed schedule that often accompanies summer is still intact. However, in just a few days or weeks it will all come to an end. The kids will be up early, the hectic mornings will start and the hustle and bustle of fall activities [...]

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3 Tips to Maximize Your Medical Practice’s Philanthropy

You and your medical practice staff care for your patients day in and day out, but you also care about giving back to your local community! Giving back to causes your care about help your patients, referral sources and the public see your generous spirit and increase your medical practice’s brand exposure. Whether it’s participating in [...]

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5 Tips to Get Your Story Out

What’s new and exciting at your medical practice?  Is it newsworthy?  Should you be sharing it with your local media? It may sound intimidating, but it’s really not hard and “earned media” is free marketing for your practice.  It’s also a great way to increase your brand exposure and enhance your reputation.  The key to getting your story picked [...]

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5 Ways to Maintain Referral Relationships

Referrals= new business. Building a strong referral network is a critical aspect of ensuring your medical practice is a success. For most medical practices, the primary source of new patients is other health care providers. Building lasting relationships with community physicians through referral-based marketing is essential and has shown lasting results that have helped many [...]

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7 Reasons Why Business Relationships Matter for Your Medical Practice

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."   - Maya Angelou No man is an island. And no medical practice can succeed without cultivating a network of healthy relationships. Medical expertise, a great building/office space, state of the [...]

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3 Ways to Successfully Recruit Physicians

Are you among the many practices scrambling to recruit newly-graduated physicians? The physician recruitment environment is becoming more and more competitive due to the increasing physician shortage, which can make finding the right candidates for your practice a challenging process. Recruiting physicians is like attracting new patients to your practice - you must promote the [...]

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