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We know that you are a lot more focused on patient care than digital marketing. But the truth is, in today’s competitive marketplace, healthcare organizations need a strong online presence in order to attract new patients and remain profitable. At MedLaunch, we have the expertise in healthcare and the tools and resources to help represent your practice or facility in the best light online. There are lots of marketing firms out there that do social media and digital advertising. What makes us different? Our healthcare-specific expertise is unmatched. 100% of our time is spent working with healthcare clients. We understand your targets and how to reach them, the challenges that healthcare organizations face and that your patients are your number one priority.

When we started with MedLaunch, we really had not done much in the way of marketing our practice or services. We really lacked the knowledge and resources to make an impact. With MedLaunch’s Medical Social Media Marketing help, we are now successfully engaged in social media platforms, patient on-line reviews, website efficiency and direct-to-referral marketing. We could not be happier with what MedLaunch has done for us and plan on continuing our marketing efforts with them.

Joel Gustafson

Administrator , Surgical Associates, PC

Social Media Marketing

Similar to how clean and modern facilities earn trust from patients, so too does a polished online presence. When a potential patient or referral source visits one of your social media pages, the “story” told there can convert them to patients or referral sources for your practice. Social media can create a level of comfort as it builds brand awareness and presents your organization and it’s providers as valuable resources within your community. Building and maintaining an engaging social media presence requires strong commitment on a regular basis. It takes time and consistency to develop brand awareness and educate potential patients and referral sources on what’s special about your practice and what sets you apart from your competitors. Let us establish and maintain accounts on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so that you can focus on what matters most – your patients.

MedLaunch Solutions has put together Social Media packages specifically designed to help you get more patients and grow your medical organization. Our packages include everything you need to grow an active social presence and reach thousands of current and potential patients and referral sources.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I get started?

Our approach is customized, so once you make a decision on which tier you’d like, we’ll provide you with a questionnaire where you’ll be providing us with the information we need to help you succeed.

Do I need to provide you with images or information to write up my practice’s Social Media page description?

Much of the information we’ll need to get started we can source from your web page. If you don’t have any images, we can talk about scheduling some time with our photographer and/or using stock photos. Should you have specific images or text that you’d like us to use, we’ll get that from you during the implementation phase.

Are your Social Media marketing services tailored for big or small medical practices/facilities?

Medical organizations both big and small require a strong social media presence to succeed. We support practices/facilities of all sizes and help you maintain a professional, consistent presence on social media.

What kind of content will you post?

A strategic, carefully curated mix of content: educational articles, news, practice/facility happenings and promotional content that inspires engagement from your followers.

This is where what MedLaunch does is really UNIQUE. 100% of our clients are medical organizations. We are experts on tailoring medical content to meet the needs of your patients and potentials patients. This is where we really shine. We will, of course, work with you to determine relevant sources for your content and get your approval when appropriate. However much of the research – the “digging” for current, interesting and relevant information for your patient population – is taken off your plate.

Who is going to work on my account?

A highly-specialized Medical Social Media Manager with years of experience. They will be your main point of contact and will work with you to continuously grow your medical organization on Social Media.

What are some of the key benefits that professional Social Media management can provide?

  • A consistent, attractive, up-to-date presence
    When anyone lands on your page, you want it to look current, and you want your posts to show you off as the medical expert that you are.
    For this outcome, you will need timely, relevant updates posted on your Social Media page(s) at least several times each week. We will include posts that highlight your expertise, deliver current industry news, and share value with your target audience.
  • Increased awareness of your brand
    You want your target audience to know your name and think of you when they need medical care that you can provide. You want to be regarded as the expert and go-to for your specialty in your community.
    In addition to content development and posting on multiple platforms, you want daily “social outreach,” where an account manager is proactively engaging with followers and your target audience (both referral sources and potential patients). Consistent, relevant posts will keep your name in front of your current followers, but to reach new prospects and increase brand awareness, a strong engagement component is essential.
  • Stronger Relationships with Your Current Community
    Your relationship with your network is essential. You need to keep those connections strong.
    Cultivating meaningful relationships requires regular and proactive communication. To achieve these outcomes, your Social Media should include networking, outreach, engagement, and rapport-building.
  • Community Growth
    Your current followers are not enough. You want a larger audience to connect with, but they need to be the right people.
    To grow your followers, fans, and connections, you must provide information that interests and engages those in the community.
  • Website Traffic
    You want to drive traffic from your social platforms to your website.
    Published posts on your Social Media pages should be strategic in driving traffic to your website. One way to do that is by posting regular blog articles to your site.
  • Conversions
    Most importantly, you want your social media presence to build brand awareness and community trust, thereby turning followers into new patients. When used in conjunction with community outreach, it can be an impactful part of your marketing efforts.


How much does social media cost?

Signing up on Social Media is free. Anyone can create a business Facebook page or a Twitter account. However, Social Media monitoring can be very time-consuming. It may also be difficult to find someone on your staff who has the experience and knowledge necessary to properly manage your social media accounts.

If your campaign is not executed correctly, you’ll end up wasting a lot of time…and a lot of money.

MedLaunch Solutions offers three options for monthly Social Media management plans. Running Social Media channels and cultivating robust online communities for your practice can be a time-consuming task. With our help, you will be able to focus more on your patients and leave the Social Media management to us, reaping the benefits of a robust online network and increased website traffic. We do this by curating and creating high-quality content to create a professional, cohesive and branded online presence and then share that content with new and existing audiences, both current and potential patients and referral sources. When we manage your platforms, we handle all comments and questions, allowing you to focus on your patients, while we focus on building your brand on social media.

Social Media Pricing

A La Cart Services

Web Design

Let us help you design a site that’s eye-catching and easy to navigate.


We can help make sure your practice or facility is highly visible in online search results.

Instagram Growth & Engagement Campaign

We can utilize advertising on Instagram to deliver ads for your practice/facility to your target audience(s) in order to increase Instagram follower counts and get more of your target demographic to view your profile. These ads will promote and link to your Instagram profile, so that when a potential patient or referral source clicks, they will be redirected to your profile where they can review and engage with your content, and follow your account.

This campaign thus works to grow your follower count amongst your core demographic, and by including a meaningful link in your Instagram bio, this campaign can increase traffic to your website.


Physician/Medical Practice or Facility blogging can be an effective tool in establishing credibility in the community. It is also an effective marketing service tool for improving your website’s page ranking, which is valuable for driving Google organic traffic (SEO) to your website and building your online credibility. We can help with keyword-rich blog articles that position your practice/facility as a thought-leader and an expert in your specialty.

Facebook Likes & Follower Growth

We can build your following on Facebook with a Facebook Likes campaign. We’ll create unique Facebook page ads that bring your audience to your page through a clear call-to-action, driving future fans of your brand to like your page.

Facebook Content Engagement

Facebook Content Engagement
With a Facebook Boost campaign, we can focus on your top-performing posts and push it out to those who are going to love it most.

Examples of Work

digital marketing, Digital and Social Media Marketing
digital marketing, Digital and Social Media Marketing
digital marketing, Digital and Social Media Marketing
digital marketing, Digital and Social Media Marketing

Work With Our Medical Digital Marketing Practice

Are you looking for an exciting new professional opportunity that has flexible hours and lets you balance work and life? Do you enjoy meeting new people, building relationships and connecting others? Are you a self-starter, competitive and driven to get results?

If so, you sound like a match for us. MedLaunch is looking to add more Physician Liaisons to our team. In the near future, we will be looking for candidates in the Midwest. Please check back often for updates. Learn more about our Healthcare Medical Marketing here.



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Physician Liaison Program

Our Physician Liaison program will help your hospital system, practice or facility build and maintain the strategic referral relationships you need, as well as manage any negative feedback in the marketplace. Physician Liaison programs almost always pay for themselves in increased referrals and practice revenue.