Are you among the many practices scrambling to recruit newly-graduated physicians? The physician recruitment environment is becoming more and more competitive due to the increasing physician shortage, which can make finding the right candidates for your practice a challenging process.

Recruiting physicians is like attracting new patients to your practice – you must promote the unique characteristics and positive aspects of your clinic in order to convince them to come! Here are three tips to speed up the recruitment process, stand out from the competition and attract talented physicians

1. Clearly state details about the job that candidates care about and set your practice apart

Think beyond the job’s location and a list of qualifications a candidate must meet in order to be considered. Think more about specific details that will make your job and your practice stand out and attract more candidates.

Detail information about your clinic, outdoor amenities in your area, the community, call schedule, exact amount of time off, salary range or long term earning potential, and other specifics like these.  Candidates also want to know they will receive the support they need. This is the type of information that could very well be a deciding factor for a physician that is on the fence between a couple of offers

2. Offer incentives as a part of the compensation package

Incentives are important in recruiting great physicians. Student loan repayments, signing bonuses and compensation for moving expenses are often common. A two-year compensation guarantee is a standard offering that is essential to attract new physicians who need income security as they ramp up their practice. Hiring a physician liaison to represent a new physician for the first 6 months can be a great recruiting tool, and very beneficial to both the physician AND the practice. 6 months of in-person marketing to potential referral sources can take the standard 2-year term that it takes for a physician to build a practice and become profitable down to 6-12 months. Offering a physician liaison to a new recruit can help your practice and your offer to stand out against competitors.

3. Consider work life balance and vacation time

Be accommodating!  The importance of work-life balance should not be overlooked, particularly if the recruit will be moving to a new location. A flexible schedule is a major selling point among potential candidates, as more and more physicians are placing greater value on work-life balance. Play up your community’s quality schools when recruiting surgeons with kids, or focus on entertainment, culture and community resources for other recruits.  And never forget to recruit the spouse and family. Let the candidate know that you value his/her family and know how important it is that they are happy.

ashley-sig, 3 Ways to Successfully Recruit Physicians