It’s still feels like summer. The pools are still open. The more relaxed schedule that often accompanies summer is still intact. However, in just a few days or weeks it will all come to an end. The kids will be up early, the hectic mornings will start and the hustle and bustle of fall activities will be in full swing. The school routine is always challenging at first, but there is something magical about the new school year.  It’s back-to-school shopping, reconnecting with friends, new beginnings and an overall fresh start.

What does ANY of this have to do with medical marketing, recruiting new doctors or growing your referral base? More than you would think!  Reflect back for a moment on the start of a new school year.  There are life lessons to consider NOW no matter how old we are or what we do. Here are a few to ponder.

1. “Make new friends but keep the old.” There’s a popular summer camp song with these wise words and this tip is one we were all reminded of as the first day of school approached.  It’s great advice that I connect with today more than I did in my schoolage days. It applies to our clients, co-workers, customers, associates and peers.  You must take care of your relationships.  In the business of medical practices, you must take the time to reconnect and thank the doctors that send you business regularly.  They are your bread and butter and have helped you become the doctor you are today. Also, keep the first part of the verse in mind.  The year is half over and what have you actively done to reach out to doctors you don’t know or that currently do not send you business?  How hard would it be to commit to reaching out to one or two potential referral sources by Halloween to try and initiate or cultivate a referral relationship?  Perhaps it’s tough to find time in your schedule for this.  MedLaunch can help make this goal a reality!

2. Do you need a new backpack?  Ok, maybe not a literal backpack, but when is the last time you freshened up your logo, your branding, your marketing materials or even your website?  Are your social media pages stale?  Your brand becomes peoples’ perception of you.  Stay current and if you’re overwhelmed, prioritize it and gradually chip away at it.  Maybe you simply start by saving a portion of your budget for a rebranding in 2018.

3. A new year brings new goals.  So many people think that goal setting has to start January 1 each year and while I do advocate for annual planning, now is just as good as any time to look at your medical practice and set some short-term goals for the remainder of 2017. Having goals on paper makes you more likely to achieve them.  You still have almost 5 months left in this year, so why not make the most of them? Perhaps this fresh start can help you prepare for your 2018 planning session now so that you are ready to attack 2018 with big growth goals.  The key here is to get started on something – anything – and get a plan on paper.

For the parents out there, best of luck with the upcoming school year!  Enjoy this time, as it goes fast!  Here is a great quote from one of everyone’s favorite authors from our school days. I hope it motivates you to get focused on growth!

“You’re off to great places. Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting so get on your way.”  -Dr. Seuss